Thursday, August 28, 2008

Julie Doesn’t Like ‘Authentic’ Church..

This blog entry by a nice young woman in North Dakota reflects one person’s impression of ‘Authentic’ worship.  A good friend and brother once remarked to me that in today’s churches ‘casual’ is equated to ‘authentic’ when in fact, there’s little to support the conclusion.  For example, consider Julie’s experience.  The minister wore casual clothes.  I’m not from Southern California, although I’ve visited many times, and I’m not from North Dakota, (I’ve only visited twice), but I would guess that in each state the minister would probably wear better clothes to a job interview.  My question to that pastor would be “Why?”

Why does he feel as though he should wear nice clothes to a job interview and not to church?

Anyway, Julie’s experience and frustration are interesting.  I wonder what her Christianity looks like?

Julie R. Neidlinger: Lone Prairie Art Works

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