Monday, August 25, 2008

Fire Breathing Dragons and Bombardier Beetles

To most Americans I am a simple minded person without the sophistication necessary to understand and grasp the proof and necessity of evolution; who chooses to remain in ignorance in dogmatic adherence (redundant?) to a set of religious beliefs which teaches myths of creation as ridiculous as Ovid’s Metamorphosis.  I am unapologetically a creationist.  I cannot see anything but the evidence of intelligent design everywhere I look.  The Bombardier Beetle is an example of the impossibility of natural selection or evolution.  The complexity of the beetle’s physiology is beyond anything we can duplicate in a lab with years and years of intelligent design (our design).  The only benefit to this beetle is the end product – the ability to shoot out hot gas from its body to deter predators.  Yet, none of the intermediate steps required by natural selection or evolution would provide this benefit, or presumably, any other benefit.  In fact, the intermediate steps would be hazardous to the beetle’s very survival.  The rules of natural selection and evolution would therefore rule out these intermediate steps.  Evolution teaches us that the Bombardier Beetle is impossible.  Yet, it does exist.

I recommend this article to those creationist friends of mine.  If you’re an evolutionist, I recommend you move on.  For I know from scripture that people reject God’s design and account of creation, not for evidences or theories, but because they have a small god and they have rejected the only true God.

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