Friday, August 29, 2008

Does Christ Ever Desire Women to Lead His Flock?

I imagine that title alone will attract some attention and derision.  I reference the below blog which examines the internal dispute over ordaining women into the office of deaconess in the PCA denomination.  My friends know and understand my position here.  Two things that are immediately noteworthy and applicable to Mennonites are: 1) the battle for women in leadership is everywhere; and, 2) the perception and complaint that men aren’t being the spiritual leaders and home and at church is everywhere as well.

It would be wonderful to hear from women on this issue.  Particularly, do women desire to lead at home or at church?  Secondly, are men failing in their role of leadership (spiritually) at home and at church?  If either answer is affirmative, I would be very interested in a woman’s opinion of “Why?”

Christianity: Doctrine and Ethics: The PCA and Female Deaconesses (I)

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