Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mad about Haiti

I’m mad about Haiti, but maybe not the way you’d expect.  This week I've been deeply saddened by the so-called Church’s incessant disregard for the needs of our brothers and sisters in favor of ill-suited feelings of love for the world.  I’m speaking of the tragedy involving Haiti.  Although the tragedy I’m thinking of may be different that one most of the world is lamenting.

People the world over are decrying the injustice, the inhumanity, the lamentable suffering the people of Haiti are enduring at the hands of nature this past month.  An earth quake has been blamed for the death of thousands.  People in my church are praying weekly for those suffering in Haiti.  And yet, I’m unmoved.  Why am I unmoved?  Am I heartless, mean-spirited, fanatical?  Indeed, I am none of the above – and I might suggest that those of my so-called brethren who are spending so much time on those in Haiti are all of the above.  They are heartless, they are mean-spirited and they are fanatical.

  1. How so?  Quickly, they are heartless because even the most wicked can be moved to sympathy by thousands of dead people in a very short time.  It is no demonstration of sympathy or compassion to feel the loss and the tragedy.  I mourn as do all sensible people – wicked and righteous alike.  It is no credit to so-called Christians that they pray for the people of Haiti.  But it is heartless to only pray for them when really bad things in this temporal world happen.  This world if fleeting away like a whisp of smoke and the only thing important to these so-called Christians is this life here on earth.  They are not lamenting that the vast majority of the dead are now at this very moment in hell.  They are not lamenting the injustice of those who blame God for this tragedy.  They are not lamenting the blatant refusal to acknowledge God as God even after this tragedy by the vast numbers of Haitians.  They lament that life was lost.  They are life-worshippers -and not the life that God gives that is eternal, but rather, they worship the life of this world.
  2. They are mean-spirited, in that they are right now ignoring the needs of their brothers and sisters whom they know and see every day in favor of strangers whom they neither know nor are related to.  I’m speaking of the tragedy that these so-called Christians love heathen strangers more than their Christians brothers and sisters.  Rather than being known for their love for one another, they are now known for their love for the world, and truly this world is perishing.  They are the most mean-spirited in the sense that their spirits are poor, or insubstantial worth and of suspect quality.
  3. They are fanatical in their pursuit of universal salvation.  In their hearts they decry the injustice in God in that He only chooses a few.  They would do it differently and choose everyone.  And so they work toward that end.  Instead of feeding the sheep, the feed the goats.  Instead of loving the brethren, they love the world.  Instead of praying for their brothers and sisters, they pray instead for strangers.  Instead of loving their neighbors, they love strangers.  They are everything that Christ was not, and they are so passionately.  They blaspheme the name of Christ by associating his name with indiscriminate compassion.  They change the nature of God and exchange it for a santa claus god that loves everyone and is powerless to help them – therefore he needs our help.

I am sick of them.  They are useless and vile.  If some of them were not my deceived brethren I would be done with the lot of them.  They are, for the most part, a glob of senseless unthinking religious zealots who worship Pan and hedonism.

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